Pacstrap: Target not found -- openrc-desktop

jonxxon - about 1 year ago -

I had been looking forward (for a month or so) to installing Parabola on an thinkpad that was going to a friend. But I couldn't get the installation to work. I was following the official installation guide.

The installation image I was using was parabola-openrc-lxde-2021.08.11-dual.iso which I obtained from dotsrc dot org

- Of course, I was getting all the errors related to package signature verification, and eventually had to cheat to overcome it

- I received the error «Target not found» trying to install openrc-desktop under section 4.11.2 OpenrRC of the installation guide. I couldn't find anything to help on google, and eventually had to abandon it, and installed Debian without systemd.

I just wanted to let you know this information in case you want to do anything. I was very disappointed for my friend to get Devuan, but I don't have time when the install doesn't work.

Please let me know if I could provide any more information.

Kind regards

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RE: Pacstrap: Target not found -- openrc-desktop - bill-auger - about 1 year ago -

that ISO is broken - openrc-desktop no longer exists, and the ISO is relatively old; so thats why it has trouble resolving signatures - it is no longer listed on the downloads page for that reason

the current ISO is parabola-x86_64-systemd-cli-2022.04-netinstall.iso

openrc-desktop was only a package group - its only purpose was to install other real packages - if you want to install those, they are still available:
  • acpid-openrc
  • alsa-utils-openrc
  • avahi-openrc
  • bluez-openrc
  • gpm-openrc
  • wpa_supplicant-openrc
  • chrony-openrc
  • tlp-openrc
all except for 'displaymanager-openrc' - that was replaced with one for each specific DM, such as:
  • lightdm-openrc
  • lxdm-openrc
  • sddm-openrc
  • xdm-openrc