emox - about 1 year ago -

Hello everyone, I installed parabola using the iso-experimental-lxde but I can't update the system.
I attach the file
Is there any way to fix?
Thank you

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RE: Parabola-experimental-lxde-iso - direnis - about 1 year ago -

You should have used the latest iso cli. that iso is outdated and for many other reasons the latest iso is recommended.
Also checking the image that i just noticed, say yes to removing jack for jack2

RE: Parabola-experimental-lxde-iso - emox - about 1 year ago -

I also had problems with the CLI ( gtk warning cannot open display), I did 3 installs without success.
Finally I installed Archlinux and everything went, I will try again to install Parabola in a few days.
Thank you.

RE: Parabola-experimental-lxde-iso - nona - about 1 year ago -

Dear emox, if you have bash-scripting skills, I would recommend you to look at the installation file of the -cli version. You will get errors in some steps, and if you are skilled enough, you will not need to ask here, but if you do, may be someone will have an answer for you. Keep in mind that some pacstrap steps involve

  1. renewing keys (which may not work)
  2. the --noconfirm option. If you can, use --confirm for debugging purposes.

Otherwise, instead of posting pictures (only), copy and paste the output of your terminal here and use


(when you edit a post from the website, there is a little "pre" at the top of the message; there is also a "Preview" tab to check how it will look)

By the looks of it, you did not have an error. The installer asked you if you wanted to replace a piece of software with another one, and you refused. The [s/N] means that if you hit [ENTER] (⏎) on your keyboard, the No is the default. Instead, hit [S] on your keyboard and then [ENTER].

Based on this, be aware that distributions based on pacman are mostly rolling distributions--which precludes a specific mindset; usually users with the will to read manual pages and look into scripts (or other code).

RE: Parabola-experimental-lxde-iso - bill-auger - about 1 year ago -

if you have arch installed already, you do not need to install
parabola - you can migrate the arch system to parabola

RE: Parabola-experimental-lxde-iso - direnis - about 1 year ago -

A Fresh installation of parabola is recommended over migrating an existing pacman installation (imho). And as i told you, the latest iso will work, use that.

RE: Parabola-experimental-lxde-iso - emox - about 1 year ago -

I just migrated from Archlinux to Parabola, I managed it without major problems.
Thank you all for the time you have dedicated to me and for the valuable advice.
Best regards