Grub Install Location

BobByte - 9 days ago -


Newb Linux guy - wading through this install...

I did a hybrid partition/LVM disk layout and
I am having difficulties installing Grub at
Section 5.4 of the guide

This is just after the mkinitcpio generation
of the RAM-disk (which completed successfully)

My disk layout is attached - which was a GPT scheme

sda1 and sda2 are partitions
sda3 is one PV, with a number of LV's

sda2 is a separate boot partition (planning for
multiple kernels) which is mounted to the boot
folder in root

I tried to install Grub like this:

grub-install /dev/sda

But I get an error that the GPT partition contains
no BIOS partition and embedding is not possible

I understood that a GPT partition also allowed
for a BIOS/MBR system, by reserving the first

My thinking was grub would go in the first
partition - sda1

Is the solution to split sda1 (possible??) so
as to have the first part of the disk unused?

And install grub in what would become the second
(new) partition?

Or add another partition and install there?

Any help would be... AWESOME !