x86 installation curiosity

ubjuzvow - 7 months ago -

after several attempts to restore the system after it corrupted pacman I decided to reinstall from scratch. I wanted to try the new installer and used the installer for x86_64 reading in the forum that it was fine anyway. After the installation I noticed that the kernel is always x86_64 and also the packages. Everything works but I am very curious, how is this possible?

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x86 installation curiosity - bill-auger - 4 months ago -

if you used the installer for x86_64, the kernel and packages should be x86_64
- were you expecting something different?

RE: x86 installation curiosity - ubjuzvow - 3 months ago -

I expected it not to work because my PC is 32bit. I knew that 64bit operating systems do not work on 32bit systems but vice versa. Did I know wrong? Or do I have the doubt that my pc is 64bit and I was remembering wrong (it's an old asus eeepc)

RE: x86 installation curiosity - bill-auger - 3 months ago -

IIRC, the EEPC is 32-bit - using the ISO you have (any ISO), and following the install guide, to each `pacstrap` command you would need to specify a i686 pacman.conf with the -C option to install parabola i686 - for nonsystemd support, be sure to enable [nonsystemd] file as the install guide suggests, but instead to your copy ('eepc-pacman.conf') of the default ('pacman.conf.i686') - eg:

# cp /usr/share/pacman/defaults/pacman.conf.i686 ./eepc-pacman.conf
# pacstrap -C ./eepc-pacman.conf /mnt base parabola-base grub linux-libre