Installation with OpenRC missing packages

greydev85 - almost 4 years ago -

  • I edited that post a couple of times but was still getting "Sorry, that post has too many non-dictionary words", while I think it looked absolutely fine (attached). Had to move it all to file... Wow, I had to literally edit every acronym and name here, then it didn't allow me to post because new member and I had to wait 20 minutes. That's not much freedom here. L.o.l.

Hello! I decided to try Open RC recently but got into trouble with fresh installation. Using L.V.M. on L.U.K.S. So, I'll mark down the points of doubt I've had:

(check file)

I still hope it's not that much screwed up there, so I can resolve this somehow.
Greatly appreciate any suggestions! Thanks in advance.

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RE: Installation with OpenRC missing packages - bill-auger - almost 4 years ago -

sorry about the posting constraints - you can thank spammers for that - we had no option other than disallowing new users - the posting constraints are temporary though and will be lifted automatically after a few successful posts

you did the right thing with the arch32 keyring package - the wiki needs to be updated each time it changes

the openrc packages in are a transition state now; and the 'base-openrc' group is slowly evaporating and probably not useable anymore - packages named ending in *-openrc and *-elogind are being renamed, and moved into the [nonsystemd] repo with the same name as the systemd-specific package - so in this case, 'nonsystemd/networkmanager' was the correct package for an openrc system - some of the documentation may be confused about the package names during the transition period - any documentation that mentions the 'base-openrc' group or packages named ending in *-openrc and *-elogind need to be changed

off-hand, i can not add much about the filesystem packages; but the situation may be the same - if there is a 'foo' package in [nonsystemd], then prefer that over 'foo-openrc' and 'foo-elogind' - otherwise, it may need some triage and trouble-shooting

i have added a note about this post to the relevant ticket on the bug tracker

RE: Installation with OpenRC missing packages - greydev85 - almost 4 years ago -

Oh, so even that game doesn't help? I thought it's something custom-made so there shouldn't be bots unless they are specifically targeted at Parabola forums. It's still better than having google here, of course. Maybe if you add a short notice about that non-dictionary words at the top of new post page, it'll be cool for now.

Glad to hear from you that soon! I didn't expect that. I tried matrix channel (looks like nobody there), I.R.C channel (couldn't connect with riot somehow and it showed there's just 1 user anyway? Maybe miss.configured bridge?)

Actually there were more problems, I just remembered that I first started with L.X.D.E ISO and failed miserably due to keys in any key.ring not wanting to be locally signed. I used --refresh, but it didn't help either. So I continued with C.L.I.

Well, that's great news it's just a temporary state. I'll get to that PC tomorrow and try more.

Thank you! Your job is invaluable here!

RE: Installation with OpenRC missing packages - greydev85 - almost 4 years ago -

So, I was able to solve this problem easy way and get to base C.L.I system. Though I'm now stuck with X.o.r.g, so will make another post.

For anyone having this issue - see included text file. If you're months in future from this post, you probably don't need that.

Basically that repository did the job.

RE: Installation with OpenRC missing packages - cl_john - over 3 years ago -

I'm a newbie and am wanting to install a 32 bit version with no systemd. In the "Get Parabola" page is the message "Warning: The current 'dual' LiveISOs do not boot on 32-bit computers, as they normally would. Use an 'i686' ISO instead." But the only i686 ISO I can find is for systemd.

Am I correct that for now, and possibly the next few months, I'm out of luck?

I thought I wanted the rolling distribution of Parabola in order to get experience. But, if I want a "libre" non-systemd on my 32 bit machine, and don't want to wait, do I need to install Hyperbola or Antix instead?

Perhaps going from knowing nothing to Parabola is too big a step anyway?

Thank you.

RE: Installation with OpenRC missing packages - bill-auger - over 3 years ago -

the downlaods page also says:

The init-system and graphical environment of any Parabola
LiveISO is completely unrelated to the system that you may
choose to install. All Parabola LiveISOs are capable of
installing any variant of Parabola system to the target disk,
regardless of the init-system or graphical environment. Nothing
of the live system can ever be installed onto your computer. The
final note explains further. For example, any of the SystemD
LiveISOs can be used to install an OpenRC system and vice-versa.

to install an openrc system from a systemd ISO, there is one
change you would need to make to /etc/pacman.conf

# nano /etc/pacman.conf

in that file, find these two lines under the '# standard repos #'

#Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

delete the # at the beginning of those two lines, so that it
looks like this:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

press <CTRL+x> then y then <ENTER>, to save the file - then
follow the install guide

you will also need to upgrade the keyring - the install guide
mentions that but people often miss that step

# pacman -Sy parabola-keyring