Experience installing Parabola/OpenRC

infinite_recursion - 3 days ago -

I installed Parabola about 10 times out of which 2 times I was successful. I followed instructions on the site which are not up to the mark. I was successful in the following way.

When I tried to install via command line, my network card wasn't configured and wouldn't work. LXDE installer even doesn't work on it's own. It's installation script is a joke.

I made 3 partitions
sda1 - 1GB - FAT32 - /mnt/boot/efi
sda2 - 2GB - swap
sda3 - rest - ext4 - /mnt

Installed core through LXDE installer script which doesn't even contain kernel! :D
pacstrapped base elogind linux-libre-lts networkmanager parabola-base openrc-desktop grub wpa_supplicant efibootmgr

efivar probably is a dependency for efibootmgr which is important
I used the configure script from the LXDE installer. And finally checked grub configuration directories.

My network card worked in this case.

Finally I installed xorg, which didn't work on it's own. I had to install xf86 drivers for my graphics, xterm, xorg-twm and xorg-xclock. After this I was able to run
sudo startx
to see windows.

Finally I installed sddm, edited xdm configuration files to have sddm and installed plasma. My screen used to freeze after inputting password and pressing enter. I was able to resolve that by deleting my user, adding my user again and chowning the /home/<user> directory.

My system always runs filechecks and repairs it whenever it starts. The system isn't shutdown properly. This is what caused my system to go corrupt in the first place. It prompts, "run fsck /dev/sda manually" and on some forced rewrites, my system was done. Please help with shutdown. I run "sudo poweroff" to shut my system down but it doesn't shut off properly. Maybe the devices aren't unmounted properly.

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RE: Experience installing Parabola - bill-auger - 3 days ago -

the CLI installer has been re-worked - the next version will be more robust

i am not aware of anything wrong with the wiki install guide - that is the standard way that most people install parabola; and we make it a priority, to ensure that it is always correct - if you found something specific that should be corrected, please open a bug report about it with the details

RE: Experience installing Parabola/OpenRC - infinite_recursion - 2 days ago -

Thanks. That would be great. I suggest you to configure parabola through the instructions given and then with the configure script. Everything different is the problem in my case.

Also the shutdown fs check isn't resolved yet for me.

RE: Experience installing Parabola/OpenRC - bill-auger - 2 days ago -

that error message is telling you what to do - you need to boot
into the fallback shell and run fsck /dev/sdXN