Installing parabola on Asus F7L

millerebonds - about 3 years ago -


Maybe F7L means Free 7 Liberties ;) I found this computer randomly in second-hand market, in last time conditions… I must give it to activists, and beginners (more than me).

This computer works very well with parabola! First I tried Trisquel GNU/Linux; live usb, and install. Live usb worked well, wifi was ok without external usb adapter (!!) and install failed (bugs).

Then I tried parabola, live usb worked, install had bugs, but I could finish it, asking to install on the entire disk.

Then, I wrote on IRC to say hello, and to say this computer works very well. Few minutes after that, some problems appeared, and Bill Auger was there to help me.

There was problems with:
- key, signing
- vlc
- lxappearance

I could reinstall lxde, choosing gtk2, and it worked.

I used different approachs to have programs:
- pikaur, to install some great programs like 9menu
- portable programs (basilisk, tor-browser)
- flatpak (freecad, stellarium, firefox)
- pacman, classic mirrors

I didn't dare to install ungoogled-chromium via aur; maybe it's not compatible with your-freedom… , and compilation time is very long. It's good to have several web browsers, and ungoogled-chromium is up-to-date, last model, etc…
I installed epiphany, interesting, it works well.

Stellarium don't work outside flatpak. Extreme tux racer works, thus 3D works.
Video works (kdenlive)

This computer seems to be a great device for parabola linux.

I gave it to beginners. I will need to do videoconferencing (jitsi hosted on french anti-GAFAM servers) to help them.

Because of octopi don't manage updates when pacman asks for questions. I said to these beginners to update parabola news first, then to udpate package informations, then the system.
First I will help them via jitsi (via french servers, not amazon which is promoted by jitsi)

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RE: Installing parabola on Asus F7L - millerebonds - about 3 years ago -

Thank you, to setting my account to full member

RE: Installing parabola on Asus F7L - freemor - about 3 years ago -

What problem did you have with stellarium? It works fine for me here.

Iceweasel is Firefox just rebranded and with privacy/freedom tweaks so no real need to go the Flatpak route.

Glad you've got it all working.

For video conferencing there is also: qtox, linphone, jami

I currently use Jami as my main VC program with qtox and linphone as my fallbacks. I actually prefer tox/qtox to Jami from a codebase/technology standpoint but Jami has better support on mobile devices. (Which the people I need to talk to seem to prefer). Linphone has very good cross platform support but I hate what they have done to the UI/codebase (used to be my goto before they mussed it up)

RE: Installing parabola on Asus F7L - millerebonds - about 3 years ago -

I don't have now this computer because of I gave it, but remember that it had some error messages with drivers or 3D.

I ran gdb, made run, and then bt, but I didn't save all the error messages (I must ask it to the people who have the computer, or wait for the time I can do it directly on this computer)

Flatpak has an error message at the first run, and then make stellarium run, and after that it seems to work.

Somebody else said to me that tox is very good. Linphone I didn't understood really why there is this centralized server… and then I must trust their server; and I didn't found other hosting for linphone.

XMPP with OMEMO, and via riseup account, can be very nice too.

RE: Installing parabola on Asus F7L - bill-auger - almost 3 years ago -

the problem with lxappearance gtk3 is fixed now - that was ticket #2236