AMD ZEN platform support?

hitman47 - 20 days ago -

Ryzen 2700x platform
I have tried:

Booting Parabola xfce openrc as uefi
Booting Parabola xfce openrc as legacy
Booting the linux-libre kernel in manjaro

The boot process always gets stuck right after initializing the usb devices, but there are no kernel logs and no way to access a text terminal.

Is this platform compatible with Parabola?

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RE: AMD ZEN platform support? - bill-auger - 19 days ago -

are you referring to the liveISO, or an installed parabola system?

there are two open issues regarding ryzen computers and openrc - maybe something in those will help - if your problem is similar to one of those issues, it would be best to continue this discussion on the bug tracker

OpenRC CLI ISO freezes on boot with AMD ryzen

cannot boot with linux-libre kernel 5.7.2-1 and cryptsetup

i have seen many people have difficulties with ryzen computers durin the initial install; but they seem to have all got it working eventually

off-hand, i suggest trying to boot passing nomodeset to the kernel from GRUB - some AMD graphics cards require that