what are the minimum system requirements for this OS ?!

Loker32 - 12 days ago -

cpu Ghz: 1.6. or less, for stable/fast work
ram: 64~1 GB
storage: 2,6 GB

(translated with google translate from Russian)

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RE: what the system requirements of this OS?! - freemor - 12 days ago -

I can see that something got you a little frustrated. And I'll assume that is why this seems to be being asked in an unnecessarily aggressive manner.

Much of the information you are asking about is clearly stated on the downloads page of

Parabola supports 1686, x86_64, and ARM Architectures

a CLI installation will work with as little as 64MB ram.

It may be halpful if you re phrased your question. The way you've asked it is like asking "How big an engine do I need in my car?"
Which is impossible to answer in a meaningful way unless I have some Idea of how you indent to use the car.

Similarly with this question.. If you are planning a headless install to say run a low to moderate load server. Then the system requirements are ver small.
If you are wanting to stream and watch 4k video in a window while doing complex ray tracing renders in Blender, That would arise the bar a fair bit.

RE: what the system requirements of this OS?! - freemor - 12 days ago -

I should also point out that one of the biggest consideration when considering Parabola (or any libre FSDG OS) is:

How friendly is your hardware to free software?

The largest comcerns are usually you video and wifi chipsets. As both those categories have many chipsets that are hostile to software/user freedom.

I'd suggest trying one of the "live" images that'll give you an idea how well your hardware will work with Parabola. Bearing in mind that things run a bit more slowly from DVDs then HDs.

RE: what the system requirements of this OS?! - Loker32 - 11 days ago -

thanks, I rephrased the question. png cannot be deleted on the forum unfortunately -,- (translated with google translate from Russian)

RE: what are the minimum system requirements for this OS ?! - freemor - 11 days ago -

The remaining 2 items CPU SPEED amd STORAGE amd highly dependent on what you want to do.. but as an example

I have parabola instaled on a OLD Acer Aspire One 1.6Ghz CPU (i686), 1.5 GiB Ram. On boot (to CLI) 60 MiB of RAM used when I launch X11 (i3 WM) 80MiB ram used
The install on the Aspire uses 2.6 GiB of the vary limited 8GB storage. That system I use mostly for test/debugging Parabola i686 issues and also as it is very portable for Setting up routers when I need to configure a router via its lan ports.

My Daily driver. Which has all my tools and toys installed on it the / partition is currently sitting at 23GB used (I always have a seperate /home Partition)

Memory wise 690MiB of RAM is being used while typing this, being on XMPP and IRC (Finch), Running I2P, and having SSH connections open to monitor my server. No X11 needed at the moment.

Now it should be noted I'm not your average user. but even when I launch X11 (again i3 WM) and iceweasel and load one of my fav sites memory usage onlt rises to 1.0Gib

So You can see that the requirements can be quite light. Now if you throw a full DE in instead of i3 that'll raise both storage and RAM usage accordingly.