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pedro - 8 months ago -

Hello everyone . Why is there so little information here?))

I suggest sharing useful free software and resources here!

For example, the well-known resource Lots of useful information but I'm outraged why it doesn't have libre distros like Parabola or Hyperbola 2. It's a mystery to me. There is also a good resource But I wanted to warn you that a site that respects the user's freedom will not install trackers, collect information about you, browser fingerprints, etc.

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RE: Privacy Tools - nona - 8 months ago -

Thanks. May be you can consider writing wiki pages about the tools which are free and aware of privacy. Furthermore, you can contribute to free other software to that end. Good luck.

Privacy Tools - pedro - 8 months ago -

Another good resource where you can see a lot of useful information

Do not forget to check each site additionally , in its cleanliness it should look like, it does not collect cookies, does not collect fingerprints, no trackers, etc.

Hello Nona .Thanks for your message . I fully support you, but I see the solution to the problem differently.