Torifying Parabola

infinite_recursion - about 1 year ago -

I'm a noob when it comes to using tor. I used to use Parrot Linux where Tor-Browser was installed by default and I used that. Here in parabola, there are a few resources,


How to use these, please help.

torsocks as written in documentation can help torify applications. How to torify iceweasel?

Even better, how to torify everything, if it's even possible?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Torifying Parabola - danielp3344 - about 1 year ago -

Hi there!

If you have already installed tor you first need to do `sudo systemctl enable tor` and `sudo systemctl start tor`
That will start the tor service so programs can connect to it, once it's been enabled it will start every time your computer boots.
Next, for any program you want to connect over tor, you need to set proxy settings. If you use GNOME, and want all your programs to go through tor, go to settings->network->proxy turn on 'manual proxy' and where it says SOCKS put in 'localhost' and '9050'
The procedure for icecat is similar (It ignores system proxy settings), I recommend ticking the box for proxying DNS

Hope that helps.

One more thing, some programs will ignore systemwide proxy settings, so be careful if anonymity is essential and test them first to make sure the traffic is going through tor. Also, to run a program via tor on the command line use the 'torify' command IE `torify pacman -Syu'