Many Tom Lehrer albums are now libre!

gap - 7 months ago -
It appears that he dedicated many albums to the public domain.
I think he did this in 2020 and I somehow missed it until now.

You may know some of the songs he wrote, particularly "The Elements Song".

Freedom Issues

- I presume the disclaimer statement actually does dedicate the works in question to the public domain.
- The PDFs which accompany this release do not have the source form available.
Would anyone be interested in reconstructing LaTeX and MuseScore files of the lyrics and sheet music respectively, or build a package which includes the files of this release?
If not I've added these things to the list of potentially interesting projects I might do one day.
- Some of his albums and the video recordings of his performances are still proprietary.
- Not all of the lyric PDFs in the release accompany a recording.
- I don't think the album cover art is libre either.
- Some of the lyrics he wrote go along with proprietary music.
- Some of the recordings are live but some are from a studio.
I presume there is a master/multi-track recording of each layer of audio, which is not included, although it's entirely possible these recordings were recorded in one go and not mixed together.
Some of the songs were obviously mixed together, especially the ones which have overlapping vocals, eg. "Selling Out".
Therefore, as there is no libre source form, these particular studio songs are proprietary, despite being in the public domain (that is if the disclaimer worked).
- The site itself, including the design, font, and MP3 streaming pages might be proprietary (I didn't check).

Narrowly-avoided Freedom Issues

- The patents which encumbered MP3 expired in 2017.
- The RAR format in which the release is encoded can be understood by unar in the unarchiver package; unrar is proprietary and blacklisted.

Did I miss any issues?