Creating rebuilded parabola

halogen - 2 months ago -


I want to rebuild all packages in Parabola repository, and create my own repository for me.
I can clone this repo abslibre.git , but how I can automate building packages?

What are my next steps?

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RE: Creating rebuilded parabola - bill-auger - 2 months ago -

packages are built with the `makepkg` or `libremakepkg` programs - you would need to write a script to `cd` into each directory with a PKGBUILD, run the build program, and copy the packages to a common directory - then you would need to define that directory as a custom repo in /etc/pacman.conf

alternatively, you could upload all of the PKGBUILDs to the Opensuse Build Server to build them automatically on their infra, or run your own instance of OBS - OBS automatically sets-up an HTTP repo, serving all of your packages - you would only need to define that repo in /etc/pacman.conf