Failing to create chroot with librechroot

meeee - 6 months ago -

I have been trying to learn how to package for parabola to help the community. The thing is, while following this guide [[]], on the step 3.2 (of creating the chroots with librechroot), I have the following problem:

$ doas librechroot -A armv7h -n armv7h make
==> Creating 'root' copy for chroot [armv7h]
==> ERROR: pacstrap: invalid option -- 'd'
==> ERROR: Failed to install all packages

And if I try again without deleting the chroot, I have the following:

$ doas librechroot -A armv7h -n armv7h make
==> Syncing copy [copy] with root copy
==> Synchronizing chroot copy [/var/lib/archbuild/armv7h/root] -> [copy]...done
==> ERROR: '/var/lib/archbuild/armv7h/copy' does not appear to be an Arch chroot.

I have already updated all packages and abslibre as well.
Could anyone give me an idea of what this could be?