how to create pull request

telur - 10 months ago -

hi, newbie here

im still learning with git and would want test uploading my contribution.
could you teach me on how to create a pull request like to submit pkbuild proposal to pcr repo ?
also something like uploading contributed wallpaper source to pac git ?

many thanks in advance

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how to create pull request - bill-auger - 9 months ago -

the simplest way (arguably) is to configure git to send email to
the dev mailing list - afterwards, it is a single command like
`git send-email ...`

if you prefer the webby github-style workflow (aka: pull
requests), the packages are all on also - any pull
requests to the pagure repo get announced on the dev mailing
list automatically

regarding artwork, that is kept in a different repo than the
PKGBUILDS - there are cones on github and notabug now - i could
put that on pagure too, people are interested in contributing
regularly that way