opencv downloads third party blobs during compilation

nona - over 1 year ago -

This is a warning. OpenCV 4.5.3 now downloads without asking for it, and without an option to prevent it.

The `init.cmake' file in the `modules/gapi/cmake' directory shows

if(NOT TARGET ade)
  # if ade_DIR is not set, try to use automatically
  # downloaded one (if there any)

May be, ADE is a pre-requisite, but I don't think that the compilation process should be in charge of downloading an extension. This should be left to the prepare function. The new version of the program is still not available on Parabola's repository, but this may help to prevent undesired consequences.

If needed, I can create a bug out of this.
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RE: opencv downloads third party software during compilation - nona - over 1 year ago -

It seems that there is this short list of files which are also downloaded (even for v4.5.1):

  • detect.prototxt
  • detect.caffemodel
  • sr.prototxt
  • sr.caffemodel

Besides these, there are binary blobs which come from modules/{aruco,cnn_3dobj,dnns_easily_fooled,wechat_qrcode} (removing those directories should be enough to sanitize).