what about rust ?

telur - about 2 years ago -

i see some other libre distro blacklisted rust for some reason:

so what are the state of rust in parabola ? it is approved here ?

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what about rust - bill-auger - about 2 years ago -

i know that some people have expressed concerns; but not formally
addressed by the FSDG work-group - that would be the appropriate
channel to discuss it; because it would affect all distros equally

it is not obvious that the trademark policy is an impediment to
software freedom; so there is no imperative for any distro to do
anything, without a strong recommendation by the FSDG work-group

off-hand, i can offer only these few observations:

  • AFAIK, the rust trademark policy is essentially the same as firefox, thunderbird, etc
  • if there is a freedom problem with rust, it would probably be exactly the same problem for all mozilla things
  • rust is not a new program; and the alleged problem is obvious - so the same concern could have been raised many years ago; but it has not
  • pretty much every distro distributes all of those mozilla softwares; but the trademark policy has never been seen as an impediment to software feedom
  • to my knowledge. it has not been discussed on any of the of the parabola, FSDG, gnuzilla, or FSD mailing lists

RE: what about rust ? - telur - about 2 years ago -

i see, thanks for the info