what about rust ?

telur - almost 4 years ago -

i see some other libre distro blacklisted rust for some reason:

so what are the state of rust in parabola ? it is approved here ?

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what about rust - bill-auger - almost 4 years ago -

i know that some people have expressed concerns; but not formally
addressed by the FSDG work-group - that would be the appropriate
channel to discuss it; because it would affect all distros equally

it is not obvious that the trademark policy is an impediment to
software freedom; so there is no imperative for any distro to do
anything, without a strong recommendation by the FSDG work-group

off-hand, i can offer only these few observations:

  • AFAIK, the rust trademark policy is essentially the same as firefox, thunderbird, etc
  • if there is a freedom problem with rust, it would probably be exactly the same problem for all mozilla things
  • rust is not a new program; and the alleged problem is obvious - so the same concern could have been raised many years ago; but it has not
  • to my knowledge. it has not been discussed on any of the parabola, FSDG, gnuzilla, or FSD mailing lists

RE: what about rust ? - telur - almost 4 years ago -

i see, thanks for the info

RE: what about rust ? - Malsasa - over 1 year ago -

"Add Rust back to Free Software Directory

The Rust trademark is no longer owned by Mozilla. It is owned by the
Rust Foundation, and the trademark policy can be found here:


Hello, Free Software Directory has a new discussion of Rust as I quoted above. If the news were true, I think Parabola can keep maintaining Rust and no need to rebrand or blacklist it. I want to hear Parabola's opinion on this. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,


RE: what about rust ? - bill-auger - over 1 year ago -

parabola's opinion is already present on this thread - there has
never been any debate about rust - i do not see this new policy
change as interesting; because it was never determined that there
was any issue with the previous policy

the only thing that has changed since then, is that someone
raised the issue on the FSD mailing list; and david hid the FSD
entry - i read that discussion at the time; and i was still not
convinced that it interferes with any of the four freedoms, or
conflicts with the FSDG

RE: what about rust ? - bill-auger - over 1 year ago -

FWIW, i just read the new policy - it is not significantly different from the previous one - whatever people suspected as being non-free about it, those terms are still in the new one

i did not bother to respond to the FSD discussion last year; because i did not see anything significant presented or concluded - AFAIK, the FSF licensing department has not yet made any statement about this; beyond "it's on our radar"

i decided to comment this time; because people are now ready to dismiss the issue; although "the issue" was never really discussed or any conclusion made - but the actual terms that people have been suspecting, have not really changed; so if there ever was anything to discuss, then it still needs to be discussed

RE: what about rust ? - bill-auger - over 1 year ago -

On Fri, 9 Sep 2022 16:23:14 -0400 Craig wrote:

At this time Rust has been re-approved for the FSD.