Call for Experience Reports

theova - over 1 year ago -

What are your experiences with Parabola? How is your life in digital freedom?

As the answers to this questions are essential for potentially new users, it would be great if they can read some experience reports.

Help Parabola by writing one and add it to the wiki category [[Category:Experience Report]]. You can read my report here.

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RE: Call for Experience Reports - pribib - over 1 year ago -

Nice wiki article, it's really good to see some feedback and hopefully will motivate everyone involved a bit more. I only wish there was a template, I'd like to make a report but I don't have much practice writing things on the wiki or in documents - can I use yours as a template?

RE: Call for Experience Reports - bill-auger - over 1 year ago -

FWIW, you do not need to ask for permission - every page of the
wiki has the CC-BY-SAv4 license in the footer - all
contributions to the wiki are assumed to be offered freely

Content is available under Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (or at your
option, any later version) unless otherwise noted.