OpenJDK issues

koszko - 12 months ago -

Hi there, I wanted to ask about possible OpenJDK problems.

Hyperbola, another libre distro You have probably heard about, is removing java from it's repos:
The main reason is a trademark issue. Also, see this post by Hyperbola dev:
To me the actual trademark notice doesn't seem to be problematic, but I'm not a lawyer, so I assume Hyperbola distro devs know better.

Shouldn't the trademark issue (and also "dirty PKGBUILDs" (given at the first link) issue - some Hyperbola PKGBUILDs are copied from/based on Parabola's) be also relevant here? Does OpenJDK need rebranding in all libre distros?
I was willing to help rebrand OpenJDK for Hyperbola (, but it turned out, it probably won't be reincluded in their repos earlier than 2020, so PKGBUILDs written now would get outdated by then. If rebranding was to also be needed in Parabola, then I would be willing to help do it now, as I still have some free time.

So I wonder what You here, at Parabola, think about all this.