Parabola non systemd ?

abd - 6 months ago -

Is Parabola systemd free Linux?

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RE: Parabola non systemd ? - bill-auger - 6 months ago -

the short answer you are looking for is "yes" - however you asked the wrong question - allow me to explain :)

firstly, parabola is not any kind of "linux" - there is only one "linux" - linux is the name of one program: the linux kernel - parabola uses the linux-libre variant of that kernel, hence the name: "parabola gnu/linux-libre" - the more accurate general description is: "a unix-like operating system" - the conventional short-hand for that is "a *nix system"

secondly, parabola is not "non-systemd" as in: anti-systemd - the important concept is init-freedom - any distro which offers only one init-system does not offer init-freedom - parabola offers init-freedom by allowing each user to choose between multiple init-systems - parabola users can choose to use systemd, or they can choose another init-system

but the fact is, it would be difficult to find any *nix distro, which uses any variant of the linux kernel, but does not also have some parts of systemd as essential components - some programs will simply refuse to run, without or logind - the well known non-systemd distros such as gentoo and artix for example, and parabola without systemd, have from gentoo's elogind - im not sure how devuan does it, but it is probably similar

RE: Parabola non systemd ? - abd - 6 months ago -

I'm Artix user about to be Parabola one