Patch Firefox like OpenBSD

iio7 - 7 months ago -


I have seen that Parabola has Iceweasel instead of Firefox, but as I recall back from when I ran Debian, the only difference lies in the name?

Anyway, does Iceweasel come with DNS over HTTPS that defaults to Cloudflare, and if so, I was wondering if you guys are going to patch it like OpenBSD has patched Firefox?

With the agreement between Mozilla and Cloudflare, I think it's a really good idea not to have this enabled by default, and also to remove any default DNS servers so that the user provides his own.

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Patch Firefox like OpenBSD - bill-auger - 7 months ago -

the debian iceweasel differs from their current firefox and the
mozilla firefox only in name - the parabola iceweasel has always
been significantly different though - the FSDG requires many
features to be disabled which the debian guidelines do not

the reason debian started using the firefox name again is
because they do not modify it in the way parabola does -
parabola must re-brand it; because it has so many of the
mozilla default features disabled

i dont know if DNS over HTTPS is enabled by default - thats a very
new feature - we would disable it enough users want that to be so,
or if the FSDG work-group decides that it must be so