Wanting to change to Parabola's Arch Linux's mirrors

justy123 - over 1 year ago -

So I am using another Arch based distro (specifically EndeavourOS) and I was thinking about changing my Arch Linux repo's mirrors to Parabola's mirrors. I wanted to know a few things.

  • Do you guys modify the original packages?
  • Are the packages tested out before it is released to Parabola's users?
  • Are users alerted if they are downloading a software which does not respect user's privacy (i.e. they collect telemetry)?

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RE: Wanting to change to Parabola's Arch Linux's mirrors - bill-auger - over 1 year ago -

we do not modify any arch packages - if changes are needed, the package name is added to the blacklist, then the original arch package is deleted, and a patched build is published in the [libre] repo - FWIW, if the arch package were modified, you be able to detect that by the signature

all parabola packages are built, verified, and signed manually - there is no automated build service

there is a special repo [nonprism] which has packages with more strict privacy - if you find any packages in some other repo, which have some privacy-related anti-features, open a bug report, and perhaps a privacy-enhanced version could be created

these are the current blacklists: