Thanks for the Forum

theova - 11 months ago -

Thank you for enabling this Forum. I really appreciate this medium as a place for information and discussions!

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RE: [Not a question] Thanks for the Forum - bill-auger - 11 months ago -

to give credit where it is due, 'pribib' and 'LucidEagle' were most influential in starting this web forum experiment - they have agreed to be parabola's community liaisons and curators of culture, and they will be the forum moderators

RE: Thanks for the Forum - pribib - 11 months ago -

thanks bill, I might not be posting too much right now but rest assured I am doing what I can to keep a close eye on the Atom feed at with newsboat

RE: Thanks for the Forum - Time4Tea - 25 days ago -

Hi, I'd like to also say thank you very much to the Parabola team for this new forum, and to those who are maintaining and moderating it.

I logged into the Parabola site last week for the first time in a few months and the forum was a very welcome surprise. Hopefully, it will provide a good focal point to further build the Parabola community and help new users who are interested in adopting the platform :-)