Would this work on AMD graphics cards without issues?

justy123 - 19 days ago -

Would this distro work without any issues for AMD graphics cards? Mine is somewhat recent graphics card.

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Would this work on AMD graphics cards without issues? - bill-auger - 18 days ago -

almost every computer can run parabola without problems - if
anything does not work, it is most typically the wifi radio, or
hardware graphics acceleration; but the operating system and
all software will almost surely be fully usable - if you
absolutely need wifi or graphics acceleration, those can
usually be replaced

the easiest way to find out, is to try one of the LXDE or MATE

you could look up the model number of the graphics card on the
h-node website - if there is an entry for it, it will indicate
whether or not it is known to work with libre distros - the
most common entry for the newest graphics cards is: "working,
but without hardware acceleration" - if it is not listed, then
you would need to try it for yourself, ideally, adding your
result to h-node for the benefit of others