Where is /run/user1001 after upgrade?

maddox - about 2 months ago -

I had all time /run/user1001 and there were different permissions and I used RAM disk for heavy duty issues. After upgrade it is not there. How do I go to restore it?

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Where is /run/user1001 after upgrade? - bill-auger - about 2 months ago -

firstly, the directory would be /run/user/1001 not /run/user1001

the directories under /run/user/ are for use, each by specific a
user - the directory name (eg: '1001') is the user's numeric ID
(check with `id -u`) - if your system has only a single
unprivileged user, i would expect to find a directory:
/run/user/1000 but not /run/user/1001 - '1001' would most likely
be the second unprivileged user created on the system; and
/run/user/1001 would exist only if a user with ID 1001 exists