Running sway without systemd

boarim - 7 days ago -


I am a happy Parabola user but I consider switching to the OpenRC Parabola edition to get a leaner system.

I run Wayland instead of X11 through the window manager sway. I stumbled across their wiki page on Running Sway without systemd. Now, it says that the preferred method is to use elogind, but, in order to do that, wlroots must be compiled with the proper options. Since it is an Arch package, it does not have this option, according to its PKGBUILD.

My question is: are there OpenRC Parabola users running sway that could tell me if they had issues with this? In case they did, what were the solutions to fix this? And, in case all else failed, what about packaging wlroots with these specific compile time options in the [nonsystemd] repo?

Thank you for your support.