Kernel panic after thermal paste replacement on ThinkPad x60s

shako - about 1 month ago -

Uhm... Not quite sure if that's the appropriate forum.

Yesterday night I replaced the thermal paste of my Thinkpad x60s (which runs Parabola32 + Libreboot) and everything was fine, I put everything back together and proceeded with a boot test.

When I press the power button, I visualize the Libreboot boot screen correctly. However, as soon as I try booting into anything (I tried both my hard drive and the Parabola OpenRC live ISO) I see some strange errors.

For the HDD, I see the errors in the attached in file "hdd.jpeg".
For the USB stick, I see the errors in "usb.jpeg".

It's like it either can't detect the BIOS battery (which I removed during the thermal paste replacement process), or it's trying to boot the 64-bit version of the Parabola LiveISO. In both cases, the shell I get dropped in is "frozen" (I cannot enter a single command), and the Libreboot BIOS settings menu does not show anything useful (at least, not that I noticed). I could not find anything helpful online. Sorry for the OT, I very recently installed Parabola on this machine and I really want it back :(

usb.jpeg (212 KB) usb.jpeg Errors when booting the USB stick (Parabola OpenRC live ISO)
hdd.jpeg (270 KB) hdd.jpeg Errors when booting the HDD (Parabola OpenRC)