Netflix Issue In Firefox

CarrollLindgren - 7 months ago -

Hello Friends,

I am having trouble while playing Netflix On My Firefox browser. It is not giving me any error codes hence I am not able to understand where I might be going wrong. Has anyone faced similar issues before?

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RE: Netflix Issue In Firefox - freemor - 7 months ago -

We don't have "Firefox". this is an important thing to be accurate about as we offer 3 mozillia based browsers iceweasel, icecat, and iceape which are all different from each other and thus knowing which you are using is important.

That said I'm guessing Netflix is gonna be a no go as it requires DRM stuff that I'm pretty sure our browsers pull out. (EME and the like).

RE: Iceweasel has removed the Widevine download option - eliotime3000 - 7 months ago -

Iceweasel, the Firefox fork of Parabola, disabled all the required DRM technologies for more privacy of a more libre web browsing. I apologize if Netflix requires Widevine and any other DRM to run.