Bluetooth problems

anarcobuda - about 2 years ago -

hello, comrades
i have been facing some issues regarding bluetooth and i don't know how to troubleshoot them efficiently so i can know what's going on exactly.
i managed to grant my computer user the ability to read logs and i've found these messages:

hci1: Missing Free firmware (non-Free firmware loading is disabled)
Bluetooth: hci1: failed to open Intel firmware file: /*(DEBLOBBED)*/ (-2)

seems self-explanatory, surely, however i don't know for certain if that's the case because sometimes, i actually can connect to bluetooth devices, but only rarely and for unknown reasons.

this could mean that either my device is free (the onboard probably isn't, but i also managed to make it work sometimes with a chinese bluetooth dongle) and the system is false-flagging it... or that the part of the system that protects our freedom from non-free firmware has some flaws

either way, i think both of them are matters to be troubleshot to know what's going on
any comrade with time to spare that could help troubleshoot this, your help will be much appreciated

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RE: Bluetooth problems - anarcobuda - about 2 years ago -

i don't recall any package using python, as far as i know, but i could be wrong
i've been mostly using bluetoothctl in command-line to attempt to connect to devices

but i'll take a close look at the updates in the links sent to see if the problem persists after they get solved

RE: Bluetooth problems - anarcobuda - about 2 years ago -

hey, i've updated my system after the reply and so far the bluetooth seems to be pairing devices
however, my system still warns me about non-free firmware about my bluetooth device and for that reason it shouldn't be actually working if the message is legit

RE: Bluetooth problems - freemor - about 2 years ago -

The complaint about missing non-free firmware does not necessarily mean the device wont work.
I have a USB bluetooth dongle. Works just fine with Parabola and othe Libre O/Ss. But like yours
complains about missing firmware. Perhaps the firmware add some feature that I never use. Perhaps
The firmware is just spyware and not necessary at all. Don't know but I do know that many things
do function without the non-free part. GPUs and WiFis are ususally badly crippled or non-functional
without. But I've seen several USB dongle that bitch about the lack but then work just fine.

I've also seen ones that absolutely refuse to work without The firmware.