Rendering issues after update

youwhy - 5 months ago -

Hi all,

I haven't updated my system for at least about a month and then I just updated it today. Now, I have a couple of issues and I don't know where to start.

For one thing when I play videos on iceweasel, especially if it is full screen, it would stop updating the visuals after about a second. I have to exit the full screen for the visuals to continue. Even if it is not on full screen the visuals would skip for a few seconds every few seconds. (There are no issues with the sound).

Actually, the problem is more than being just about the videos. If I am typing on the address bar, it would also not update the screen for a second. It is as if my x server pauses rendering every few seconds. Also, it feels like I have a similar issue with icedove as well although that one is harder to tell.

This being said there are no (noticable) issues with VLC or icecat.

I am not entirely sure what is relevant here but I am using
i3 4.18
linux-libre-lts 5.4.23-gnu-1-lts
iceweasel 73.0
icecat 60.7.0
icedove 68.2.2
vlc 3.0.8

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RE: Rendering issues after update - bill-auger - 5 months ago -

it could be relevant which x server you are using, and if you are running a compositor

so to be clear, iceweasel is the only program that gives you this problem ?

RE: Rendering issues after update - youwhy - 5 months ago -

I am using X11 and no compositor.

That being said, I have just tested it again. There are two important things

1) Icedove definitely suffers from something similar. For example when I jump back and forth between the next and previous messages (using the keyboard shortcuts b and f). It also freezes for a second every once in a while.

2) I tried running compton. Now all the issues are gone. For the time being, I will continue to use compton.

RE: Rendering issues after update - Time4Tea - 5 months ago -

I have long had issues with playing videos in icecat. I would love to know how it can be improved.

I don't know so much about iceweasel (although I have started using it recently) ...

RE: Rendering issues after update - bill-auger - 4 months ago -

someone on IRC suggested that disabling
media.mediasource.enabled may help with some videos