parabola gnome troubleshooting

telur - 19 days ago -

hello, im starting a thread for summarying and troubleshooting the gnome desktop in parabola. hope this can be usefull reference for other distro as well for building libre and privacy gnome desktop.

[current state: 13 feb 2021]
currently gnome desktop wont run in parabola if you enable nonprism repo or install your-privacy package. likely gdm will broken blank and upon a login with another display manager an error screen (called fail whale) will show up and forcing user to logout. in contrast gnome will run fine without those, tough i assume parabola users mainly will applied all parabola privacy package.

some derivative desktop like budgie, deepin, regolith etc, depend on working gnome environment, fixing gnome will fix those others as well.

tested on both systemd and openrc parabola iso with same result
tested on both stable and testing repo with problems still remains

[error cause]
1. obsolete gnome-settings-daemon (g-s-d) in nonprism repo
enabling nonprism repo will downgrade latest g-s-d into obsolete 3.34 version, this causing incompatibilities.
2. g-s-d depends on geoclue blocked by your-privacy.package
looks like g-s-d depends on some yet unknown parts of geoclue. removing geoclue altogether makes gnome desktop unusable altough it still runs fine with disabled geouclue installed.

[possible fix]
1. update latest g-s-d in nonprism repo or remove g-s-d from nonprism repo
i think the stock g-s-d is good enough, the only think that disabled nonprivacy settings still can be viewed by user (nonfree reference ? (still disabled setings has no effect wheter turned on or off)).
2. create a dummy geoclue with disabled service or remove g-s-d from your-privacy depedency conflict
disable internal geoclue location service in /etc/geoclue/geoclue.conf or mask geoclue to prevent it starting with "sudo systemctl mask geoclue" (computer need to be restarted to restart systemd).
3. bypassing logout error screen (aka fail whale)
in some circumtances gnome succesfuly reinitalized after the fail whale comes out, if you press super key, you can see funtioning gnome-shell running behind but gets blocked by fail whale screen (most my irritating moment), yet we dont know how to achieve this. it has something to do with /usr/lib/gnome-session-failed (main fail whale source), /usr/lib/systemd/user/gnome-session-failed.service and /usr/lib/systemd/user/ .

[temporary fix, for regular user]
try this in order and dont logout in halfway process:
1. sudo pacman -Syu
2. sudo pacman -R your-privacy
3. sudo pacman -S gnome
4. sudo pacman -Rdd geoclue gnome-settings-daemon
5. sudo pacman -S your-privacy
6. sudo pacman -R your-privacy
7. sudo pacman -S geoclue
8. sudo systemctl mask geoclue
9. sudo pacman -S extra/gnome-settings-daemon
10. sudo reboot
this ensures you have the working libre and privacy gnome desktop, however you must redo these step whenever you want an privacy upgrade as well. if you have an advanced knowledge to solve the problem please help parabola developer to achive [possible fix]. finally here a screenshot of finely working libregnome:

[useful links] Test report of [nonprism-testing/geoclue] [nonprism/gnome-online-accounts]: Cannot start GNOME after activating nonprism nonprism and gnome [nonprism]: requires downgrades GNOME desktop is broken [nonprism/gnome-settings-daemon]: breaks GDM/GNOME [gnome-session] Segfault after upgrading with nonprism enabled updated privacy blacklist: cascade effect on 'gnome-settings-daemon' Geoclue/Geoclue2 and their dependancies