Failed to load msr

Phosit - over 1 year ago -

Every time i seart up my computer ther is this error. Apart from the error i dont have any issues.
I dont know exactly what msr is. I heard it is used for dubuging and VMs, but i dont use those.

Propably it is relatet to: because it is around for the same time.

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Failed to load msr - bill-auger - over 1 year ago -

it is very difficult for anyone to advise, based on such a vague
description - if at all possible, try to give the exact error
message, and when and where do you see the message - does it
appear in the dmesg log or the systemd journal?

$ sudo dmesg | grep msr
$ journalctl | grep msr

RE: Failed to load msr - Phosit - over 1 year ago -

The error appears on the "startup console" bevore the tty and not in the dmesg. Scince im not using systemd ther is no journalctl.

Sorry for thad few informations. How do i get more informations about the error?