/dev/sdX changes to /dev/sdY while installing Parabola on it

Avron - about 2 months ago -

My olinuxinoLime2 has an HDD that I have not used so far (not partitioned), it shows up as /dev/sda but strangely it sometimes disappears after the machine has been running for days. I am seeing that with lsblk.

More problematic, while I am trying to install a system (for the same board model, but with eMMC) on a micro sd card with a USB card reader, while the filesystem on it is mounted and I am writing to it with pacstrap, it regularly happens that the sdcard suddenly changes from /dev/sdX to /dev/sdY and then of course all reads and writes fail.

I tried to update /etc/fstab after mounting the device, using UUIDs, then the installation of base, libelogind and udev-init-scripts is usually successful (without updating fstab, it usually fails before the end), I could do some configuration and generate locales but then it failed while installing linux-libre-lts, and I could see that at the same time, /dev/sda had disappeared.

My fstab was like this:

# /dev/mmcblk0p1
UUID=1e6fdca4-68bf-4cb3-8d8d-3ff01a17b0a3       /               ext4            rw,relatime     0 1

# /dev/sdb1
UUID=e3d9eacf-f23f-43c1-bf80-1f207cef88ad       /mnt/sdcard     ext4            rw,relatime     0 2

Apparently, the file system I was installing is now corrupted, so I'll try to start it all over (I stopped counting attempts).

I guess I am doing something wrong but I don't know what. I am getting a little desperate.

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RE: /dev/sdX changes to /dev/sdY while installing Parabola on it - oaken-source - about 2 months ago -

disappearing device nodes while the system is running is generally worrying and can indicate a hardware failure. I would recommend checking dmesg to see if there is any useful output.