Parabola Equivalent To Freedombox?

LucidEagle - over 2 years ago -

I came across this software that is currently based on Debian.

Would it be possible / desirable for our community to build our own equivalent which is based on Parabola GNU Linux-Libre?

I believe the benefits would be great for our community members to have something like this available to use which is based on a FSF Approved OS like us. What do you all think?

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RE: Parabola Equivalent To Freedombox? - pribib - over 2 years ago -

I think this could work on a beaglebone black with a preconfigured SD card

RE: Parabola Equivalent To Freedombox? - bill-auger - over 2 years ago -

sure, it would be good for the EOMA68 too - freedombox is just a
meta-package in debian, its not a distinct distro, more like
what they call a "blend" - you can convert any debian system into
a freedombox by installing that meta-package - the only reason
it would not be endorsed by the FSF is that the image they
distribute contains blobs for certain boards like raspberry

so most likely all of the programs it uses are packaged in
parabola already, except for the user-friendly configuration
website - all that would be required is to pre-configure an
install image that has all of the same tools

RE: Parabola Equivalent To Freedombox? - egils - about 1 year ago -

bill-auger correct. the website is a django python package called plinth, source is here: