Lughat - 3 months ago -

Hello. I'm hoping to convert to a free OS on my main desktop PC for the first time soon but I'd still like to play non-free games in a VM. Do you think Parabola will be suitable for this?

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RE: Hello - botplus - 3 months ago -

hello hello, welcome! i'm sure others would explain this better but overall, parabola is crafted to block you installing any non-free software. from another perspective, it also encourages you using all free software. it is that kind of a system/world/community. therefore, you wouldn't have non-free nvidia drivers without pain, for example. parabola is roughly (arch - anything non-free). maybe you should consider arch.

nevertheless, in my opinion, for a transition like you've described, arch would not be a bad start. there are levels of using free software, arch is definitely not level 1 :) good luck!

RE: Hello - bill-auger - 3 months ago -

the preceding message does not seem to answer the question - the
question was "can parabola run non-free games in a VM?"

the answer is: "parabola can run anything in a VM" - the OS
installed in a VM is completely independent of the host OS - it
depends only on whichever software the VM's OS can run

"parabola is crafted to block you installing any non-free software."

that bit is not true - it is impossible to prevent users from
installing anything they want to use - to be precise, parabola's
'your-freedom' meta-package prevents installing non-free arch
packages inadvertently - non-free arch packages can be installed
intentionally; and there is no way to prevent installing software
from other arbitrary sources