New minimalist user here!

boarim - 19 days ago -

Hi everyone,

Just landed here after having used Parabola for one year and a half now. I’m quite happy about it and I hope that I can contribute to this community as well. I don’t have much free time these days, but writing a thing or two in the wiki should be possible.

Keep it stupid simple (and keep it free/libre)!

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RE: New minimalist user here! - bill-auger - 19 days ago -

wc boarim - the wiki has self-registration disabled currently; so i would need to register you - i am super-admin of this forum; so i can see your email address - shall i register you on the wiki as 'boarim' with that email address?

RE: New minimalist user here! - boarim - 18 days ago -

bill-auger: yes, that would be great.

Thank you!

RE: New minimalist user here! - telur - 18 days ago -

Welcome boarim

After you had access to wiki you can also contribute some of your images/art via the upload page :)