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UltrasonicMadness - 3 months ago -

Hello all

I've been using Parabola on and off for some years now, mostly for software development.

I signed up to this forum a month or two ago to ask a question about a wireless card but it had hyperlinks along with words that aren't in the dictionary so I couldn't post it.

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New user with a question - bill-auger - 2 months ago -

was that a question?

the posting restrictions are lifted automatically, after two successful posts - if this is your second post, then you are probably a full member now - though i see on your profile that this was your first post

but even before then, you can still post anything you like, if you put it in a text file, and attach the text file

RE: New user with a question - UltrasonicMadness - 2 months ago -

Sorry for the unclear wording. I'll post the question in (one of) the relevant section(s).