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Hiya. I've installed Parabola for the first time on one of my old laptops to try it on. I have chosen the OpenRC way, since I wanted to try something other than systemd for curiosity.
I have one little problem tho. For some reason, my video, ethernet and wifi drivers do not load on the install on my HDD, while they work perfectly in the live ISO. I am using the CLI version btw.
I use a Atom laptop (video driver i915) with stock Atheros wifi and ethernet (modules ath5k and atl1e respectively).
I never used OpenRC before either, the only thing I know to do so far is use rc-service and rc-update, since I needed those to enable NetworkManager.

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hiya lorecast162 -

the problem you describe is possibly related to this bug report

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hello and welcome to the parabola forums

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Hi there, and welcome to Parabola!

I am using OpenRC as well on my x86 Desktop, but I haven't experienced this issue. One thing to bear in mind with OpenRC is that for many 'service/daemon' packages, you will also have to install the [package]-openrc package, as by default they are built for compatibility with systemd. Also, make sure you have the [nonsystemd] repo enabled in /etc/pacman.conf, so you can find them.

This Arch Wiki page is also a very useful beginners guide to installing/using OpenRC.