Giving it a second try

Anonymous - over 1 year ago -

Hi everyone,

I tried last January to install Parabola on a Librebooted ThinkPad T400s. However, I encountered several problems related to invalid signing keys and gave up to install Trisquel instead. Well, after six months of use, I find Trisquel packages to be too old for my need. Besides, I’m looking to do a minimalist install, hence Parabola philosophy is appealing to me.

I’m ready to give it another shot. I think, at the time the ISO I got was outdated (it was the CLI systemd, which has been removed since), so I’m confident it’ll work fine this time. Finally, since I don’t have any particular requirement related to the init system, I’ll install systemd from the CLI OpenRC ISO, since it seems possible to achieve this.

Anyway, I’m happy to be back and hope I can make it work and contribute to the community.

See you guys around.

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RE: Giving it a second try - bill-auger - over 1 year ago -

just be sure to disable the [nonsystemd] repo if you are installing systemd from an openrc ISO - the install guide mentions that

the errors about signing keys happen all the time - it is mentioned on the install guide, that it is something common that you will need to learn to fix - they are always fixed easy

see the sections "4.6.1 Errors and solutions during verification process"

RE: Giving it a second try - Anonymous - over 1 year ago -

Got it. Thanks for the advice.

RE: Giving it a second try - Anonymous - over 1 year ago -

Well, I just finished my installation and tweaking of Parabola. It took me four days to set everything up but it was worth it.

Thank you to every Parabola hackers and contributors for this great work!