Hi there

jgreen01 - 27 days ago -

Hi All,

I'm here because I'm looking for a community of tech savvy people to talk with.

For many years, I was a Linux user spending a lot of time with Arch and Ubuntu but mostly Arch. These days I use macOS most of the time (for work) but I want to get back Linux.

I'm very interested in GNU/Linux-Libre and I am very excited to see Parabola a pacman-based distro using it. I loved Arch so I'm sure I'll love Parabola too.

You'll probably see me posting questions in different places as I setup my system. It's been a few years since I setup a system like this and a lot has changed in the Linux world. But I'll do my best to RTFM, before asking a question.

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RE: Hi there - takuwan - 26 days ago -

Welcome friend!

Don’t hesitate to hang around the IRC channel too if you have questions to have a more direct answer.

Good luck with the setup and happy hacking!