Bug #1102

Specify mirrors for package downloading only, but not for updating database

ximes - about 7 years ago - . Updated about 7 years ago.

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Parabola has all packages of Core and Extra, and most of Community, same as ArchLinux. It would be nice to dowload the packages from Arch repos when available, since Arch have more mirrors around the world, and only update database and get specific libre packages from Parabola repos.

I made a small mod on pacman, so it allows to specify servers for package download only. E.g.:

instead of Server = ....... it is possible to use ServerNoUpdate = ...

ServerNoUpdate =$repo/os/$arch

Attached is the patch.
I tried to contact pacman-dev list, but no reply. Anyone else think it may be useful?


downloadOnlyServers.patch (6.22 KB) downloadOnlyServers.patch Working patch ximes, 2016-09-14 04:54 PM



Updated by isacdaavid about 7 years ago

Leveraging existing Arch mirrors is indeed useful; and I say is rather than would because right now there's a second approach [1] which uses a pseudo-mirror to redirect package requests, but serves databases locally.

Since Arch mirrors don't contain all Parabola packages, I'm guessing one needs to specify ServerNoUpdate= on a per-repository basis, or add at least one mirror from each distro to the mirror list when using Include='s rather than Server='s in pacman.conf. I think [1] is a little more transparent, and doesn't require us to maintain a patch. Nonetheless your solution is worth discussing with the community, so I'm bumping this report to attract commentators.


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