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[phoronix-test-suite] add it back to community, deblobbed.

GNUtoo - about 7 years ago - . Updated over 3 years ago.

% Done:



Phoronix-test-suite is in arch:

It was removed from parabola 4 years ago:

But now Trisquel does have it:

So maybe trisquel patches (if any) could be adapted.


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Related to Packages - Freedom Issue #66: phoronix-test-suite recommends nonfree softwarefixed2012-04-04




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we need to look more closely into the package before making any change, because Trisquel (Debian to be precise) doesn't seem to be adding any particularly relevant patches. sadly, bug #66 didn't specify what nonfree software was being recommended or where to look for it, and the attached log file that could have included useful info is gone.


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Updated by GNUtoo about 6 years ago

I've started to look into it, some of the tests it seems to depend on proprietary software.

Here in the list we can see that it proposes many non-free games benchmarks.

$ ./phoronix-test-suite list-available-tests

Phoronix Test Suite v7.4.0m3
Available Tests

pts/civbe                      - Civilization: Beyond Earth          Graphics 
pts/civilization-vi            - Civilization VI                     Graphics 
pts/coh2                       - Company of Heroes 2                 Graphics 
pts/cstrike                    - Counter-Strike Source               Graphics 
pts/cuda-mini-nbody            - CUDA Mini-Nbody                     Graphics 
pts/deus-exmd                  - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided            Graphics 
pts/dirt-rally                 - DiRT Rally                          Graphics 
pts/dirt-showdown              - DiRT Showdown                       Graphics 
pts/doom3                      - Doom 3                              Graphics 
pts/dota2                      - Dota 2                              Graphics 
pts/dow3                       - Dawn of War III                     Graphics 
pts/hitman                     - HITMAN                              Graphics 
pts/hl2lostcoast               - Half-Life 2 - Lost Coast            Graphics 
pts/madmax                     - Mad Max                             Graphics 
pts/metro2033-redux            - Metro 2033 Redux                    Graphics 
pts/metroll-redux              - Metro: Last Light Redux             Graphics 

Such tests could simply be removed.

However I wonder how to handle the case of the Linux kernel:

pts/build-linux-kernel         - Timed Linux Kernel Compilation      Processor

If there is any non-free firmware, could they count as non-functional data as they are never used and probably not even used within the compilation?

I should probably also check how it is done in Trisquel, because if it promotes non-free games there, Trisquel has an issue too.

Background on why I deeply care about this package:
Nowadays it is possible to run 100% free software on some computer such as:
- Libreboot compatible computers
- Some hardware supported by Parabola for ARM and probably guix too

Many computers also come pretty close to be able to do that.

Now the performances of such computers varies a lot, and it would be very useful for people to be able to understand if this is affect their use case of computers or not, and which one they should pick.



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There is now a phoronix-test-suite in the repositories.

It contains few tests though and the patch is a bit hackish due to the fact that I'm not used to php.

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