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Privacy Issue #2619: Refactor [nonprism]

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Bug #1884: nonprism and gnome

[nonprism/gnome-settings-daemon]: breaks GDM/GNOME

Utini - over 6 years ago - . Updated about 4 years ago.

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Hello everyone,

I am running Archlinux and wanted to adapt/replace a few of my packages with the ones from parabola (e.g. [libre] "iceweasel" or packages from [nonprism]).

Today I installed "gnome-settings-daemon" and "gnome-online-account" from [nonprism] and afterwards removed "geoclue2".
After a reboot my GDM login screen wouldn't load.
I had to re-install "gnome-settings-daemon" from Arch's [extra] repo to fix the issue (which also installed "geoclue2" as dependency).

Maybe the problem is caused because "gnome-settings-daemon" in Arch's [extra] repo is version 3.24.3-2 while [nonprism] is 3.24.2-1 ?
Is there anything I can do to help debugging this issue?

I know that I am not a full parabola user but still hope for your help.
Thanks in advance !



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re this patch:

does this issue still exist theova?


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i have coupled this issue and another to #1884 - gnome has always been troublesome for nonprism - im not sure what can be done


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