Bug #1503

[qjackctl] fails to start jackd OOTB (real-time mode by default)

bill-auger - over 6 years ago - .

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jack will not start via qjackctl out of the box (it could though) - i have no investigated yet but it is either the default jackd definition (the jack and jack2 packages) or the default qjackctl preset (the qjackctl package) that is starting jack in real-time mode expecting that the user is in the 'audio' group - i noticed this some time ago and was planning someday to make some adjustments to the proaudio related packages

this is not a high-priority issue even though it is broken OOTB because JACK is intended to be configured before use and every experienced used know this well - running JACK with the OOTB defaults will intentionally yeild poor performance, probably worse than they would with pulseaudio; because of the very large buffering optimized for the lowest common denominator (pentium 2 or 3 machines IIRC)

the proper solution for this is to change the default jackd definition or the default qjackctl preset (whichever is the culprit) to start in non-realtime mode (no -R switch) - then to have the service in the parabola-proaudio-settings package to ensure the user is added to the 'audio' group and swap in the realtime jackd and qjackctl configurations on the service startup and restore the default non-realtime jackd and qjackctl configurations on the service shutdown

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