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[awesome-terminal-fonts] has logos for non-free software.

EeeParabola - over 1 year ago - . Updated 4 months ago.

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The package awesome-terminal-fonts is indeed distributed under the MIT license, however, it contains logos for non-free software like Chrome and Firefox. Is this something that should be fixed?

You can check all logos this package has here:

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steps to reproduce:
  • pacman -S awesome-terminal-fonts
  • open a unicode-aware terminal such as lxterminal
  • type CTRL+SHIFT+uf2d7 # firefox logo
  • type CTRL+SHIFT+uf0d5 # google plus logo
  • type CTRL+SHIFT+uf17a # microsoft windows logo
  • type CTRL+SHIFT+uf09a # facebook logo
  • type CTRL+SHIFT+uf268 # chrome logo
  • type CTRL+SHIFT+uf09b # github logo
  • type CTRL+SHIFT+uf179 # apple with a bite missing logo

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  • Related to Freedom issue #2331: [awesome-terminal-fonts] Contains at least one nonfree logo added

Updated by freemor 4 months ago

Took a quick look at this today.

the PKGBUILD just downloads a .tar.gz and then stuffs the file into the right directories.
this font pack is a combination of several font sets.
Removing the offending fontstes from this leaves basicalln nothing left
The entire purpose of this package is Logo and very logo like glyphs. So completely trivial eye candy.
I think the best action is to blacklist this package. However this is another one of those, libre software vs libre culture as I suspect TTF fonts are considered non-functional data, and thus fall into the art and other things category.

I'll wait for other to chime in but if there is no input over the next little while I'll just go ahead and blacklist this and close this BR and it's duplicate.


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Blacklisted both awesome-terminal-fonts and lsd (which depends on it)
see #2331 for more details.


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