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telegram-desktop only points to non-free SaaSS

brettgilio - over 4 years ago - . Updated almost 2 years ago.

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The telegram-desktop client is pretty popular among various communities. The client itself is free software, as well as the libraries needed to build and run them. However, the client at the moment only points to a non-free and non-auditable SaaSS. This SaaSS situation is an issue of freedom restricting and ethical compromise as it entices users of the client to unknowingly and knowingly subscribe to and use a non-free service. This distribution, being fully-free and FSF-endorsed distribution should come to a concensus on such software if it has not already.

Brett Gilio.

P.S. Check the IRC logs for some prior discussion on the matter.



Updated by brettgilio over 4 years ago

The FSF has been emailed on the matter.


Updated by brettgilio over 4 years ago

It's probably worth considering this issue closed due to RMS's input on XMPP/IRC likeness to Telegram server scrutiny, and the role of the FSF in maintaining a directory of ethically persmissable software.


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agreed. thanks for all the input and reminders.


Updated by maddox almost 2 years ago

I do not see how RMS's statement is related to including a package in Parabola. A package is included in Parabola that serves only one purpose, to promote the network service. Does it matter that it is free software? I don't think that such should be here as it definitely enslave users, who have no other alternative.

If there is Telegram server, that is included in Parabola, that we can change server and host it ourselves, than I would say fine, and in that case I would ask that server hostname can be changed. If server hostname cannot be changed, then Parabola package is promoting network service. How am I free to do what I want with this software? I am not.

As if I cannot put my own server and host it myself, this software is purely promotional, and serves no other reason but to promote that company.


Updated by oaken-source almost 2 years ago

the telegram servers are not SaaSS. SaaSS means that you run a server component that you could just as well run locally as your own copy of the program. Since the telegram servers implement a network, they provide a service that a local copy could not provide (and no, P2P communication doesn't count.)

proprietary service, yes. but no SaaSS.


Updated by bill-auger almost 2 years ago

FWIW, p2p should count for a lot - if people could decide to use
a tool such as jami, then no one would care about centralized
services, libre or otherwise - they could easily be ignored

I don't think that such should be here as it definitely enslave
users, who have no other alternative.

if people had no alternative (ie: they were somehow forced to
use this application), they would already be so enslaved,
with or without parabola, and they would acquire that program
from another source - if the client is libre, then it is better
to get it from the distro

i think oaken-source was mainly addressing that point - the
software itself does not enslave anyone - people do that to
themselves voluntarily, by choosing to participate in a
proprietary network - there are many alternatives: XMPP, SIP,
IRC, etc - all of which have libre clients and servers

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