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Packaging request for USBGuard

wehaveissues - about 2 years ago - . Updated over 1 year ago.

% Done:



This software is GPL licensed and would be a great addition for all the sec/privacy lovers here.



Updated by ovruni about 2 years ago

  • Priority changed from bug to wish

Updated by freemor about 2 years ago

Hmmm.. from the github.

Warning: The 0.x releases are not production ready packages. They serve for tech-preview and user feedback purposes only.

This probably means that breakage will be common.


Updated by GNUtoo almost 2 years ago

Debian has a package for it:

pcr would be a good place for such package.

However in Debian, it seems that all the packages that only one package depends on usbguard (usbguard-applet-qt), and usbguard-applet-qt has the same homepage, So it's probably developed by the same people (so it's probably likely to be fixed in case of compatibility related breakage).



Updated by CBotulinum almost 2 years ago

Isn't it better to package this instead?

Personally I've tried both, the latter is much more useful and much much simpler... (even though I haven't used any for a while because of kernel USB driver issues on ARM).


Updated by wehaveissues over 1 year ago

silk-guardian is a kill switch and usb guard is not :/ Nice project though.


Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

i would say, if the devs themselves are responsible enough to label it "not-ready" that is a good sign; but the package would be better to go to [pcr-testing] rather than [pcr] (or not to package it at all) until it is deemed "ready"

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