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sgid on directories isn't working

lukeshu - over 5 years ago - . Updated over 5 years ago.

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There are a handful of directories in /srv/repo/main that don't have the sgid bit set, and a whole bunch of files that are :users instead of :repo (not all of which are in the directories without the bit set).

I'm not sure what's causing the sgid bit to be ignored in some cases.


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Updated by lukeshu over 5 years ago

/srv is mounted with nosuid, which inhibits parts of sgid. Turning that off in /etc/fstab and rebooting...


Updated by lukeshu over 5 years ago

That doesn't seem to have made any difference.

Observation: When I create an SGID directory in my home directory, and create a subdir with in it, the subdir inherits the SGID bit. The same is not true when creating a subdir of an SGID directory in /srv.

Question: Why am I observing different behavior?

A log of a session demonstrating this behavior is attached. The [NNN] bit of my PS1 prompt is the exit status (in decimal) of the previous command.


Updated by bill-auger over 5 years ago

i tried it on winston under /etc and the sguid bit is inherited as expected - the only obvious difference it the nodev mount flag - could the underlying virtual disk have such properties on it?


Updated by lukeshu over 5 years ago

The difference wasn't nodev. It's bsdgroups!

sudo tune2fs -l /dev/vda4 |grep 'Default mount'
Default mount options:    bsdgroups user_xattr acl

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