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[ponysay] custionable ponies in this package

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As far I know many (for not say all, but no, not are all are property of Hasbro inc. (arroun 100 ponies are licenced for hasbro [ponysay round 190]).
Hasbro say that any can use they ponies for anything that arenot monetary and not use apple HD videos as full leght, but many ponies are originally from browserponies and destop-ponies (and many of them under probably cc-nc-sa3.0 [non-comercial] licence) probably the ponies indibidually are not uder the licence but other maybe yes

is FS maintain tose ponyes or rembout the 2ove (in a heuristical search a 300 ponies) in the repo???

the and other are WTFPL and they want change for GPL but I talk about the ponies



Updated by mtjm about 10 years ago

Blacklisted until someone posts a free license for the original pony images (they are probably modified so just a verbatim copying license accepted by the FSDG for nonfunctional data is not ok) or replaces them with different ponies. This might be fair use, although this isn't clear everywhere.


Updated by Jristz about 10 years ago

s far I know the folder extraponies/ contain fannon ponies from fanfic and tumbrl, for more exactly: all drhooves(number) arenot (in term of appearance-name) not licenced by none, bluebalblitz the name is from a fanfic and the image is from a img (in the mlp fanlabor wikia)


Updated by Jristz about 10 years ago

Ok I ask to maandree and they add for the 3.0 an option for check 100% free ponies, this goin to in the metadata, I hoppe the addition of a --only-free/libree option for building with only 100% free pony (sound weird...)

for now you are safe to maintain: cow, owl, fyrefly, surprise, posey, faust in the package because they are first 2 animals (or you know that is posible copyright a specie?) and 2 ponies that hasbro lost they right and a judge order to maintain in public domain (reazon why rainbowdash is rainbowdash and not the original dessign of Faust) and Faust, the alicorn, is an OC (Original Characted)


Updated by mtjm about 10 years ago

Reopening and unassigning since having this package with only free ponies (and other animals) would be better than not having it. Do you have a reference for these two ponies being in public domain?


Updated by Jristz about 10 years ago

ok: cow and owl (in ponies and ttyponies) refer to the real animals in printed in ponysay-style (this is the main reason whi I add both in the firs place, are generic)
fyrefly and surprise, Hasbro lost they right in and attempt to regain them lost again, and them hasbro was banned to use those 2 ponies (and fall in public domain for use in any place), posey at 31-october-2012 no have any company claim it, and the mos closet is fluttershy (but is different scpecie); for faust is the OC of Lauren Faust and she already say that they OC is free to use in any project (only give credits is enough)

and ponysay 3.0 have a TODO for add a compilation option --only-free (or --only-libre not sure what name is used since now is on development) for build only free/publicdomain ponies
finaly util-say (GPL3; arch AUR) can work alongside 'ponysay -f $path-to-png-archive).png' for print in therminal any png (75x20 is the best optimal size for display with problem) this work for TTY/256-colored-cappable-terminals and KMS
finally is possible to use util-say to produce more ponies and (from the git repo) ./dev/ ttyponies por the TTY ponies with no problems

Finaly unless the games(like the gameloft game or the toy line) not say any basil and crackle not have any tm attached (else the aparition in the TV-series

nyx, nyxdisguise, blueballblitz and the sex-swapped ponies (in extraponies) are creation entirelly by the fandom, are free??

I reccmmend waith for the inclussion of the --only-free/libre option in build and them continue discusing

PD: I'm one pony contributor for the project, and this is why I want know what are safe to put as free, and not want case problem to distros like your (I respect your effort)


Updated by Jristz almost 10 years ago

finally the free edition of ponysay probided by upstream is here

feel free to submit bugs and other thinks, if yours think that one of they ponies arenot really free and have the sources to prove it fell free to submit a patch, mention in a pull, ad a issue/bug and we remove it..

enjoy...and I know, is an alfa, as far now I remmember that only ponysay-tools --kms not work and --browser give a warning but is perfectly usable


Updated by Jristz over 9 years ago

ok finally ponysay support free ponies (and animals) in they release 3.0
this aur package is a scetch of the free version
you otice they add --freedom=strict this imply that are free

you can read ponysay-free to the repos now???

if you know of any non-free pony on the installed, pleas submit an issue whit the poy and the source that show that isnot free (the source is for prevent trolling and mistakes)


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ponysay-libre has been released [0]. In our case, we have created a cleaned source to built from it.


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